Seasons of our Lives

Where are you in the journey that we call life? God’s Word has lessons in store for each of us as we become aware of how our life is evolving and how God wishes to accompany us in every phase of living. Spend time reflecting on a few key passages of Scripture that will focus our awareness, prayer and action as we move through life’s seasons

Empty Nest, Time for Letting Go

Thomas D. Sauline

When parents find themselves alone after their children move out of the house-or when anyone's loved one moves out of the home-they may experience a very real sense of loneliness, lack of purpose, and even grief. These prayerful reflections on the Joseph story, the incarnation, and the last discourse of Jesus offer comfort and challenge to anyone with an empty nest. The word of God has the power to help empty nesters change, let go, and love anew.

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