God’s Word and our experiences of Christian living constantly call us to evolve and to find new ways to explore our faith. Alive in the Word is a response to a fresh movement of God’s Spirit among us.

  • Can’t commit to a longer Bible Study with others?
    These are only 3 sessions each.
  • Looking for something you can use on your own?
    These work beautifully.
  • Want to discover more immediate ways to apply the Bible to your life?
    These are geared to do just that.
  • Interested in planning a day of reflection for friends or parishioners?
    These titles can fit the bill.
  • Want to see an engaging format all in one book?
    These are fresh and engaging.



Make growth in Christ a continuing priority.


Easy to understand writing style puts reliable teaching at your fingertips.


Reflect using questions that help connect to everyday living.


Experience a variety of inviting prayer styles with each chapter.


Use at your own pace, individually or in groups.


Simple action steps will allow God’s Word to keep acting within you.


Whether purchasing a single volume or multiple volumes, our pricing is reasonable.


Each volume includes three short chapters or sessions.

Take advantage of bulk pricing discounts.
Each volume is paperback, 40 pp., 5 ¼ x 8 ¼

1-5 copies $7.95 each
6-15 copies $5.95 net each
16-99 copies $3.95 net each
100-299 copies $3.49 net each
300+ copies $2.95 net each

eBooks: $6.99 each


Relevant and engaging commentary is paired with prayer experiences and invitations for action. Each volume includes three short chapters or sessions. Use it at your own pace for your personal spiritual growth or join with others in a group to read, discuss and pray together.


For individual learning and reflection, work at your own pace. Prayerfully journal in responses to the questions you find along the way, and be prepared to move from head to heart and then to action.


For small group learning and reflection, arrange for three sessions of faith sharing and prayer.

Ask group members to read each chapter in advance and come prepared with questions answered. In this format, you may want to plan to be together for about an hour.

Or, if your group prefers, read and respond to the questions together in a group setting. There’s no advance preparation, but groups will need to plan for more time to adequately work through each of the chapters.


For a parish-wide event or use within a larger group, allow these volumes to become the basis for a day or a half-day of reflection. Provide each person with the chosen volume. Allow time during the day for quiet reading, group discussion and prayer, and then a final commitment by each person to some simple action in response to what they have learned and experienced.