Alive in the Word invites you to explore Scripture in a way that is engaging and transformative. Each volume offers brief but powerful lessons that help you reflect on your own life and experience in relationship with the words, events and characters of the Bible. Prayer and action are full integrated. Browse through the titles under development in each of seven thematic topics.

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Cloud of Witnesses

The stories of biblical women and men continue to speak to us and challenge us to stand as faithful witnesses in today’s world. How do our own stories continue God’s great work of salvation in the world?

Virtues for Disciples

As disciples, we are continually shaped by the teachings of Jesus and guided by the Spirit. Discover the valuable virtues that challenge us and provide the most fulfilling way to live.

Seasons of Our Lives

God’s Word has lessons in store of each of us as we journey through various stages of living. Grow in your awareness of God’s accompanying presence by reflecting on key Bible passages that move us to prayer and action.

Liturgical Seasons

The church’s liturgical seasons invite us to enter into the great gift of God’s Son in our world. Each season has its own flavor and invites us to enter into the life of Christ in fresh and profound ways.

Connecting with the Sacraments

The church uses signs and rituals to open us to the grace God offers in the sacraments. Ponder words of Scripture that explore the effects of divine grace in the way we live individually and in community.

Gleanings from the Gospels

Pay attention to the words and deeds of Jesus and his followers to learn what it means to live as a Christian. What will challenge you? What will build you up?

Biblical Images

The Bible is filled with images that capture our attention. Mental pictures, metaphors and graphic descriptions help to engage our imaginations so that we recognize God’s work among us.